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Soy bilingue en inglés y español y de vez en cuando me gusta compartir historias y cuentos en inglés .

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          "Flying high through the air on my bike" = Volando por los aires en mi bici

                                                                     Drawing by alan moliner


    1.) As I like riding my bike, I went for a 2.) bike ride. My bike is a Raleigh – made in England. It has to be one of the 3.) highest bikes 4.) around, and it makes me 5.) feel like I´m riding 6.) rather high and 7.) since the bar is so high, it´s not easy to 8.) get off.

    So, as I was 9.) enjoying an 10.) early morning ride along the bike ways of the city, I had to 11.) round a corner and as there were people walking on the bike way, I had to make a 12.) sudden swerve 13.) going over some water because it had rained the 14.) previous night....and that was a big mistake. As I was rounding the corner going over the water, I lost control of my bike as if I were riding on ice.

    I tried to control the bike at the last moment with the 15.) handle bars, but nothing could 16.) avoid what was going to 17.) happen. I was 18.) thrown off the bike flying over the handle bars and simply trying to fall in a way 19.) so as not to 20.) hurt myself very badly.

    I fell more or less 21.) sideways on the right side of my 22.) butt and 23.) landed in the street, 24.) wondering to myself....why me? 25.) Laying on my back for a second, a young boy 26.) grabbed my hand and helped me 27.) get up. It must have been a passing angel flying through the sky who came to help me.

    As I was having problems with my left achilles tendon, I saw that I had a 28.) slight bruise above the left ankle, so I was expecting 29.) the worst.

    My 30.) back wheel was 31.) bent and walking wasn´t going to be easy. So, I got on the bike and

    tried riding it to the hospital which was thank God less than 500 hundred meters 32.) away.

    I parked the bike and went in 33.) limping in 34.) hoping I hadn´t broken anything.

    After waiting 35.) nearly an hour, a doctor came to 36.) look me over and asked me what had happened.

    He checked my foot and it hurt when he touched the back of the ankle; so he sent me to have an x-ray done.

    After a short while they called me to go into a room and wait for the doctor. He came in and told me nothing was broken, just 37.) bruised. He ordered a nurse to put a 38.) bandage around my foot and keep it on for a week. I 39.) took it off after 40.) a couple of days as I thought I was feeling better. If I walk 41.) too much I can see that my foot is a little 42.) swollen at the end of the day.

    I took off the back tire of my damaged bicycle and 43.) threw it away and 44.) hung up my bike 45.) for good. I´m thinking of buying a small 46.) folding bike with 47.) wider tires and perhaps it will be 48.) safer in case the ground is 49.) wet; and 50.) at least I´ll be able to control the bike better with my two feet on the ground and not my 80 kilo body flying high through the air and hopefully, never falling down 51.) again.



    1.As = como

    2.Bike ride = vuelta en bici

    3.Highest = mas alta

    4.Around = por estas partes

    5.Feel like = sentir como

    6.Rather = bastante

    7.Since = ya que

    8.Get off = bajar

    9.Enjoying = disfrutando

    10.Early = temprano

    11.Round = doblar

    12.Sudden swerve = maniobra repentina

    13.Going over = pasando por encima

    14.Previous = anterior

    15.Handle bars = manillar

    16.Avoid = evitar

    17.Happen = ocurrir

    18.Thrown off = echado

    19.So as not to = para no

    20.Hurt myself = hacerme daño

    21.Sideways = de lado

    22.Butt = culo

    23.Landed = aterrizé

    24.Wondering = preguntándome

    25.Laying on my back = tumbado de espaldas

    26.Grabbed = cogío

    27.Get up = levantarme

    28.Slight bruise = ligero moretón

    29.The worst = lo peor

    30.Back wheel = rueda trasera

    31.Bent = doblada

    32.Away = de distancia

    33.Limping = cojeando

    34.Hoping = con la esperanza

    35.Nearly = casi

    36.Look me over = chequearme

    37.Bruised = magullado

    38.Bandage = venda

    39.Took it off = quité

    40.A couple = un par

    41.Too much = demasiado

    42.Swollen = hinchado

    43.Threw it away = eché

    44.Hung up = colgué

    45.For good = para siempre

    46.Folding bike = bici plegable

    47.Wider = mas ancho

    48.Safer = mas seguro

    49.Wet = mojado

    50.At least = por lo menos

    51.Again = de nuevo

    Jem sings this very nice song "Flying High" 


    Lyrics                                                             Translated by ajm

    You can't know, oh no                                    Tu no puedes saberlo, oh no

    You can't know                                               No puedes saberlo

    How much I think about you, no                    Cuanto pienso en ti

    It's making my head spin                               Me hace la cabeza dar vueltas

    Looking at you                                               Mirándote

    And you are looking at me                             Y tu mirándome

    And we both know what we want                 Y ambos sabemos lo que queremos

    Hmm, so close to giving in                              Hmm, tan cerca cediendo


    Feel so nice                                                    Se siente tan bien

    Oh yeah you feel so nice                                Ay que bien sientas

    Wish I could spend the night                          Ojala pudiera pasar la noche

    But I can't pay the price                                  Pero no puedo pagar el precio

    Oh no, no                                                        Ay no, no 


    But I'm flying so high                                     Pero estoy volando tan alto

    High off the ground                                         Alto por encima del suelo

    When you're around                                       Cuando estás

    And I can feel your high                                  Y puedo sentir tu subidon

    Rocking me inside                                            Moviendo dentro de mi

    It's too much to hide                                        Es demasiado para esconder


    I know, oh yes                                                 Lo se, ay si

    I know that we can't                                        Se que no podemos

    Be together                                                       Estar juntos

    But, I just like to dream                                    Pero, simplemente me gusta soñar

    It's so strange                                                  Es tan raro

    The way our paths have crossed                      La manera que nuestros caminos se han cruzado

    How we were brought together                       Como nos juntamos

    Hmm, it's written in the stars it seems              Hmm, está escrito en las estrellas

    Feel so nice                                                       Que bien se sienta 

    Oh yeah you feel so nice                                   Ay que bien sientas

    I'd love to spend the night                                Me encantaría pasar la noche

    But I can't pay the price                                    Pero no puedo pagar el precio

    Oh no, no                                                          Ay no,no


    And I'm flying so high                                        Y estoy volando tan alto

    High off the ground                                           Alto por encima del suelo

    When you're around                                         Cuando estás

    And I can feel your high                                     Y puedo sentir to subidon

    Touching me inside                                             Tocandome por dentro

    And it's too much to hide                                    Es demasiado para esconder


    Back to earth                                                      De vuelta a la tierra

    Where did you take me to                                  A donde me has llevado

    I know there's no such thing                              Se que no puede ser

    As painless love                                                  Como amor sin dolor

    Well it'll catch us up                                             Nos alcanzará

    And we can never win                                         Y nunca podemos ganar

    But oh                                                                  Pero ay

    I feel so alive                                                       Me siento tan viva

    Oh                                                                        AY

    Just want to hold you                                          Solo quiero abrazarte

    Hold you so tight                                                 Abrazarte tan fuerte


    And I'm flying so high                                           Y estoy volando tan alto

    High off the ground                                              Alto por encima del suelo

    When you're around                                            Cuando estás

    And I can feel your high                                       Y siento tu subidon

    Touching me inside                                               Tocandome por dentro

    And it's too much to hide                                      Y es demasiado esconder

    And I'm flying so high                                            Y estoy volando tan alto

    High off the ground                                               Alto por encima del suelo

    When you're around                                             Cuando estás




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