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Soy bilingue en inglés y español y de vez en cuando me gusta compartir historias y cuentos en inglés .

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    Good morning Valencia

    Good morning Valencia. Today is going to be a nice day.  

    Today is going to be a nice day to forget the crisis and just feel alive having a nice walk in the city after having lunch in the center or other areas in Valencia and enjoy being outside and looking at all the different people walking in the street, having an horchata in one of the many places near Santa Catalina, or simply sitting outside having a coffee or having "tapas" in "The Virgin Square",one of the most beautiful squares in Spain in my opinion of course, before going back to work and only working a few more hours more. If you´re lucky to be in the center and you have some free time, you can visit the Central market  walking around looking at all the fresh fruit and vegetables and there are so many things to see and you can buy anything you want. I recommend drinking some fresh fruit juice and if you´re a little hungry you can buy some dried fruit like some nuts or almonds. I´m sure you will feel much better.

    If you finish work early you can go and take a bike ride along the beach or along the river looking at all the beautiful trees and landsacpe, admiring some of the old bridges, going past "The Serrano Towers" and continue going along the river and enjoy the quietness and the beauty of living in a fantastic city like Valencia where you can do a lot of things and  just..... feel good to be alive. 

    Of couse, there are a lot of other things you can do. You can take a walk through Viveros park, sitting down on the grass and perhaps do some tai chi with other people or other kinds of exercises like breathing exercises, go walking with your dog, or even take a good book to read in the park. 

    And here´s a funny joke = chiste

    In english class one student asks the teacher: "Teacher, what´s the meaning of weekend"?

    And Antonio, another student in the class says I know.....  "It´s Yes, we can" ....Hasta Obama sabe esto

    So remember....Have a nice day and smile


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