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  • 08




    "OH MY GOD"!!! = " DIOS MIO"!!!

     'OH MY GOD'!!!. I read in today´s newspaper El Levante that if Cataluña gets their independence, the Barcelona and the Español football teams will not be allowed to play in the Spanish league anymore.

    So, what league would they play in? Well, there could be the Andorra league. They could play together everyday....and Barcelona and Español would always win.

    I wonder if Mr. Mas had mentioned this to the Catalan people!

    Just imagine, we won´t see the best player in the world playing in the Spanish league, and of course, the football players won´t earn that much money and they will have to find part-time jobs.

    Of course, this would be a disaster and I think the Catalan people are not very aware of the consequences.

    So, all this talk about independence is a load of crap. It´s a political maneuver and there must be some kind of political reason behind all of this. Is it about money, money always?

    People of Cataluña. Do you really want this to happen? Let´s be realistic.

    Let´s please keep on watching Barcelona play football and watch Messi make Spanish people continue to be in awe watching this semi-god play football.



    Oh my God = Dios mio

    Gets = obtiene

    Allowed = permitido

    Anymore = ya no mas

    Together = juntos

    Win = ganar

    Wonder = me pregunto

    Of course = por supuesto

    Earn = ganar

    Part-time jobs = trabajo parcial

    Aware  = al tanto

    Load of crap = mentira

    Like = como

    Keep on = seguir

    Awe = asombro


















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