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Soy bilingue en inglés y español y de vez en cuando me gusta compartir historias y cuentos en inglés .

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    Valencia Internacional

    The Apple tree and the bird

    After flying around from one place to another without stopping, the bird saw an apple tree and rested on a branch.

    The Apple tree and the bird

    The apple tree didn´t seem to be very happy today, so when it saw the bird resting on its branch, it said: “Don´t you have another place to sit on?”

    The bird jumped with surprise and answered:

    Relax, I just want to rest for a short while.

    What´s the matter with you Mr. Apple tree?”

    And the apple tree answered: “My life is boring. I´m always here stuck to the ground and I can´t move. I´m just here for birds like you or other animals to come and pick my fruit”

    The bird listened very attentively and when the tree finally stopped complaining, the bird told the tree:

    “I on the other hand, think otherwise. I believe that your existence makes more sense than others.

    Since you were small, you grew up to simply generously give your fruit to others without asking anything in exchange.

    There can´t be a more full and happy life than yours!,” the bird told the apple tree.

    You might be right, but I would prefer to be a bird”, said the tree.

    “Birds are very wise. You accept things as they are. It doesn´t matter if it´s sunny or rains…. you fly whenever and wherever you want.

    Not like humans who are always waiting for something to happen….and if nothing happens, they get depressed

    The moral in this story is:

    Just like birds and trees, it´s always better to accept and be grateful to what life has to offer.

    This will make us all happier.



    Branch  = rama

    Seem  = parecía

    Resting  = descansando

    Relax  = tranquilo

    Just  = solamente

    For a short while  = un ratito

    What´s the matter  = que te pasa

    Stuck to the ground  = pegado a la tierra

    Like  = como

    Pick  = coger

    Complaining  = quejandose

    On the other hand  = por otra parte

    Otherwise  = lo contrario

    Makes  = tiene

    Grew up  = creciste

    Than  = que

    You might be right  = puede que tengas razon

    Wise = sabio

    It doesn´t matter   = no importa

    Whenever  = cuando quieras

    Wherever  = donde quieras

    Better  = mejor

    Grateful  = agradecido



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