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Soy bilingue en inglés y español y de vez en cuando me gusta compartir historias y cuentos en inglés .

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    8 Basque surnames

    The other day I saw '8 Basque surnames'.....and I liked it very much.

    Finally, a good and funny Spanish movie! It´s a pity it wasn´t a little longer.

    What do you think about the movie?

    For me it was a refreshing movie and the actors were fantastic. 

    Of course, there is a big difference between Andalucia and The Basque country.

    It was very funny and interesting to see these cultural differences.

    The Basque people seem so serious and skeptical of people who are from another part of Spain....and I guess Andalucia must be a strange place for the Basques as well.

    I don´t know if this film was popular or not in The Basque country. Do you think the people laughed?

    Does anyone have any Basque friends who went to see the film? What was their reaction?

    It´s good to matter where people are from because we are all human beings just trying one´s best to be survive and happy. 

    The Basque country is beautiful, and I love the countryside and the houses......and drinking sidra of course.

    And Andalucia must be awesome too.


    surnames = apellido

    very much = muchísimo

    pity = pena

    funny = divertido

    guess = suponer

    as well = también

    awesome  = demasiado (espectacular)












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