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    A dog is a Man´s best friend

     I was reading an article in El Levante about a dog who missed her owner very much.

    Casey, the dog´s name missed Rebecca very much. Rebecca had been away for two years in another country because of work.

    One day when she came back home, Casey was so excited to see Rebecca that he simply fainted.

    They took him to the Vetenarian and the doctor said everything would be ok.

    It´s amazing how dogs can love family members so much.

    I have a dog and I love her very much. I take her everywhere I go. 

    She is so smart. She knows when I´m going to take her in the car. She gets very excited.

    Our dog is part of the family. So, if you want someone to love you, go to the dog shelter and rescue a friend.

    Do you also have a dog...and do you love him or her very much?



    Missed- echaba de menos

    Very much = muchísimo

    Been away = estado fuera

    Came back = regresó

    So exited = tan emocionado

    Fainted = desmayó

    Amazing = sorprendente

    So much  = tanto

    Everywhere = todas las partes

    Smart  = listo

    Gets = se pone

    So  = así que

    Dog shelter  = refugio de perros

    Also = también


















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