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Soy bilingue en inglés y español y de vez en cuando me gusta compartir historias y cuentos en inglés .

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    Are you healthy?

     Do you think you are a healthy person? Being healthy can mean different things for people.

    What does health mean for you?

    Read the sentences below and choose seven sentences you most agree with:

    1. To live to be ninety years old

    2. Walking fast and not be out of breath

    3. Not taking many medicines

    4. To have the ideal weight for your height

    5. To do some kind of exercise, running, swimming, walking or playing a sport

    6. You feel happy to be alive when you wake up in the morning

    7. You don´t have many aches and pains

    8. You like to eat the Mediterranean diet, eating a lot of fruit, nuts, vegetables and fish

    9. Not to smoke

    10. Not to have much stress

    11. To be happily married

    12. Practically never going to the doctor

    13. To sleep eight hours at night

    14. To have a hobby that makes you happy

    15. Drinking a glass of wine for dinner or a beer

    16. Go to bed early

    17. Make love

    18. Don´t worry, be happy

    20. Read a lot 



    - be out of breath  = quedarse sin aliento

    - wake up = despertarse

    - aches and pains = achaques

    - go to bed  = acostarse

    - a lot  = mucho

    Listen to this very nice song by Nina Simone ' Feeling good' = Sentirse bien


















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