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Soy bilingue en inglés y español y de vez en cuando me gusta compartir historias y cuentos en inglés .

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    SLEEP es el verbo dormir y SLEEPY = sueño, es el adjetivo

    PERO......No se puede decir, Do you have sleepy”?

     SE DICE......... ARE YOU SLEEPY?

    y en afirmativo: I´m sleepy  = Tengo sueño

    Se usa HAVE cuando posees o te afecto un problema fisico:

    DO YOU HAVE A BICYCLE?  = ¿Tienes una bici?


    HAVE a headache  =  Tengo un dolor de cabeza 

    I HAVE a toothache  = Tengo un dolor de muelas

    Ya sabes....Siempre se usa el verbo ser /estar:

    - Are you sleepy? = ¿Tienes sueño?

    - Are you hungry? = ¿Tienes hambre?

    Mas adelante, daré mas ejemplos

    So, the question is, “Are you sleepy”? = ¿Tienes sueño?


    I´m so sleepy  = Tengo tanto sueño


    I´m sure it´s a very big problem with a lot of people. To have a good night´s sleep every night would be wonderful.

    There is a saying in English:

    “Early to bed early to rise, makes a man healthy and wise” = Quien madruga Dios le ayuda

    Perhaps, it might be true that if you go to bed early, and get up early, it could help you get a good night´s sleep.

    If you have to get up early to go to work, it´s really necessary to sleep well. You don´t  want to be at work yawning and feeling tired all day because you slept bad, and only a few hours.

    Something which is very important is to go to bed at that same time every night and also get up at the same time.

    So, what can we do to sleep well?

    Sometimes sleep has been called “The little death”

    When we sleep our body and mind can be almost dead. At times we need to move our bodies in bed or get up to pee to make sure we´re still alive.

    Other times we can be in our dream world. 

    We need to sleep well to be feel good, be happy and have positive energy for the new day.

    Here are some important things to remember in order to sleep well:

    1. Where we sleep is very important. Make sure that your bedroom is well-ventilated. Have your window a little open. This will also help you breathe better.

    Your bedroom should not have so much light coming in through the window at night.

    2.    The mattress should be a little hard, and not so soft.

    3.    The pillow must be comfortable for your neck and not be very high.

    4.    Try to do some kind of exercise during the day or after work. It´s a good way to get rid of any kind of anxiety.

    5.    Have a light dinner and always two hours before going to bed.

    6.    Don´t drink so much coffee, especially in the late afternoon.

    7.    Try to sleep between six and eight hours.

    8.    Don´t go to bed angry or worried about something.

    9.    If you like to read in bed, try reading something that does not excite you or make you nervous.

    10.   Be careful if you use a tablet or an ebook when reading in bed. It´s light can have a negative effect on your brain and affect your sleep.

    Como he explicado arriba de todo, hay ADJETIVOS en inglés que se usa el verbo ser/ estar, como “sleepy y hungry”…… pero hay mas:

    Recordar que en español se usa el verbo TENER, pero en inglés se usa el verbo SER O ESTAR con estos adjetivos

    Ejemplo con estas palabras:

    I´m hungry  =  Tengo hambre

    I´m cold    =  Tengo frío

    She´s cold   =  Ella tiene frío

    Are you hot?  =  ¿Tienes calor?

    I´m very thirsty  Tengo mucha sed


    Is he thirsty? Yes he is. He is very thirsty because it is very hot


    I´m not thirsty   =  No tengo sed

    I´m so hot           =  Tengo tanto calor

    I´m not so hungry  =  No tengo tanta hambre

    I´m sleepy  =  Tengo sueño

    Are you sleepy?  =  ¿Tienes sueño?

    How old are you?  =  ¿Cuantos años tienes?

    I´m twenty seven years old  =  Tengo veinte y siete años

    He´s jealous  = El tiene celos

    I´m afraid  =  Tengo miedo


    Is she afraid of flying? Yes she is. She is very afraid of flying



    a lot of  = mucha / mucho

    good night´s sleep  = dormir bien

    saying  = dicho

    might = puede que

    early = pronto / temprano

    get up  = levantarse

    few = pocas

    pee  = hacer pis

    make sure  = asegúrate

    so much  = tanto

    mattress  = colchón

    get rid of  = eliminar

    light  = lijera

    be careful  = ten cuidado

    of flying = de volar


    Nirvana sings " I just want to sleep"  = Solo quiero dormir



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