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Soy bilingue en inglés y español y de vez en cuando me gusta compartir historias y cuentos en inglés .

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    "CHEEKY" viene de la palabra "CHEEK" = MEJILLA

    "CHEEKY significa "caradura o tener mucho morro", así que "CHEEKY PEOPLE" significa

    "Gente con mucho morro" o "Caraduras"

    Si le dices a alguien: "You really are cheeky", significa "Tienes un morro que te lo pisas"

    The big question is..."Why are there so many cheeky people"? 

    It´s because they are not happy people, so they only know how to cheat.

    They  take advantage of their positions in companies by increasing their salaries, or simply commiting fraud.

    They only want to make a lot of money and of course hide their money in Swiss banks.

    I guess it´s because these people are "GREEDY". They think they are so important, but in fact they are simply "CHEEKY PEOPLE".

    They don´t care if there are people who are having a very difficult time to pay the mortgage or buy food for their children. Some children can ony eat a meal a day.

    These "cheeky people" don´t mind spending 800 € for a dinner in a fancy restaurant.

    They simply don´t "GIVE A SHIT" if there are children who are starving

    Of course, there is no money in the town hall!

    The cheeky people have taken all of it to buy expensive cars, beach houses and Rolex watches.



    - "You really are cheeky"  = "Tienes un morro que te lo pisas"

    - Cheat  = engañar

    - Take advantage = aprovecharse

    - Make = ganar

    - Hide = esconder

    - Guess = supongo

    - Greedy = avaricioso

    - Mortgage  = hipoteca

    - Meal = comida

    - Don´t mind spending  = no les importa gastar

    - Fancy  = elegante

    - Give a shit = importar un bledo

    - Starving = hambriento

    - Of course = por supuesto

    - Town hall  = ayuntamiento

    - Taken all of it = se lo han llevado todo

    - Expensive  = caro


    Este video se llama "Cheeky girls"






















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