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Soy bilingue en inglés y español y de vez en cuando me gusta compartir historias y cuentos en inglés .

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    Valencia Internacional

    Come back to us again

    We are so sad. Our dog Bimba died.

    Come back to us again

    She was such a happy dog and also gave us so much happiness.

    Now the house seems so empty without her. We miss her so much that it hurts.

    Come back to us again Bimba.

    She was part of our family. She couldn´t talk, but her eyes told us so many things.

    As soon as we arrived home, she would be there waitng for us to say hello and pet her.

    However, we knew she was seroiusly ill when we took her to the Vet. She had something in her stomach which was slowly killing her.

    Many times she threw up after eating something. Sometimes we didn´t know what food to give her.

    In the end we had to hand feed her using a small spoon…just like feeding a baby.

    We had to try opening her mouth to feed her, but sometimes it wasn´t easy.

    The last few days she didn´t even want to drink any water, so we had to give her water using a syringe…and that wasn´t easy for her to swallow the water.

    As I was walking the other day, I ran into our vet and I told him that Bimba didn´t want to get up and drink water.

    He told me we should think of putting her to sleep.

    We didn´t know what to do. That was such a difficult decision.

    We simply wanted to have her with us as much as possible.

    The other morning as she was lying in her bed in the living room…..she died in her sleep.

    I touched her and tried to close her eyes.

    She seemed like she was sleeping in peace.

    I gave her a kiss on her head.

    I still have that image imprinted in my mind, or when I had to carry her in my arms because she couldn´t walk.

    I try to convince myself that I must be happy for her because she´s not suffering anymore.

    I don´t know if re-incarnation exists, but if it does, I hope Bimba will re-incarnate and maybe come back to us as another dog because I´m sure she will still remember how much we love and miss her. We will be waiting for you Bimba.



    So much = tanto

    Empty = vacio

    Come back = Vuelve

    So many = tantas

    As soon as = tan pronto que

    Pet = acaricarla

    However = sin embargo

    Shock = conmocionados

    Vet = veterinario

    Threw up = vomitaba

    In the end = al final

    Miss = echar de menos

    Hurts = duele

    Even = incluso

    Siringe =jeringuilla

    Swallow = tragar

    Ran into = me encontré

    Get up = levantarse

    Should = deberíamos

    Such a = tan

    As much as = tanto como

    Lying = tumbada

    Seemed = parecía

    Carry = llevarla

    Anymore = ya no mas

    Maybe = quizás

    Come back = vuelva

    Still  = todavia

    How much = cuanto


    I´ll be missing you video = Te echaré de menos


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