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Soy bilingue en inglés y español y de vez en cuando me gusta compartir historias y cuentos en inglés .

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    Don´t ask me why

     Don´t ask me why there are so many people who don´t have any money to buy food or live under a roof. There are so many people who only think of money, but I don´t think they are very happy...because their heart is made of metal and don´t care of there are children who don´t eat three meals a day because their parents can´t find any work.

    Don´t ask me why people are so greedy and only think that having more money they will be happier. In fact they are doomed and when they die they will reincarnate into a baby born in India or Africa; and when they are thirteen years old, they will be working 14 hours a day in a factory making clothes or footballs. Their parents will be very poor. This will be their next life. 

    Many politicians will suffer the same consequences, and some are already paying the price of being so greedy. They think they are important and have the power to do what they want, spend taxpayer´s money because they know they can take this money easily and have expensive trips with other politicians, staying in the best hotels, eating the best food and drinking the most expensive wine. They talk and laugh, but they are empty boring people who only think about themselves and don´t care if a family must leave their home and live in the street because they can´t pay the loan to the bank because it´s impossible to find a job.

    Don´t ask me why these things happen. Something has to change in this society. People have to change. Money only corrupts people. Young people must leave their country and live in a foreign country where people will look down on them because in fact they don´t like it at all that foreigners come to their country taking away jobs.

    No money for investigation; brilliant Spanish scientists are leaving to work in the USA. What a pity that in such an important country like Spain, families must say goodbye to their children because the government doesn´t want to invest in investigation or education. It doesn´t make any sense at all. Don´t ask me why. Don´t ask me why Spain can not be a great country and take care of its people who only want to live a life with a promising future under the sun, the moon and the stars high above. Don´t ask me why life may be better in Paraguay.



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