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Soy bilingue en inglés y español y de vez en cuando me gusta compartir historias y cuentos en inglés .

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    Valencia Internacional

    "Eat humble pie"

    Very arrogant people will never admit that they are wrong when they have made a mistake.

    When they are forced to apologize,  face humiliation and acknowledge it humbly, then they have to eat humble pie.

    In fact, a lot of people should eat humble pie, instead of only thinking about themselves, and only because they are on an ego trip.

    “To eat humble pie” (tragarse el orgullo, disculparse) is a British expression.

    Of course you don´t eat humble pie. It´s just a figure of speech.

    This expression comes from “Umble pie”.  A long time ago around the middle ages, an umble pie was a meat pie filled with parts of a deer such as the liver, heart and kidney.

    As you can see, it was probably a very strong dish and perhaps not so easy on the stomach to eat.

    I at least, would never eat this as I would find it disgusting.

    I would rather eat an apple, peach, strawberry or even a banana pie.

    In American English the coloquial expression is “Eat crow

    It´s necessary to eat crow to feel better with yourself and other people.

    Imagine eating crow, that´s even worse than eating umble pie.

    Another common American coloquial expression is “Eat your hat”.

    A person would say “I´ll eat my hat if I´m wrong”. Of course nobody eats a hat.

    Nowadays we can say: “ Some politicians are so arrogant that they would never consider eating humble pie or to eating crow.

    It seems it´s very difficult for people to admit that they are not always right in what they say or do.

    You can´t tell these people that they´re wrong. They simply don´t care what you tell them because they don´t want to listen to you.

    It must be very difficult for these people to apologize and say “I´m sorry. I made a terrible mistake”.

    I wonder if that´s why Pablo Iglesias gave to Pedro Sanchez as a gift a book about the history of basketball.

    This is a clear example of eating crow or eating humble pie for Mr. Iglesias.

    It was a way of apologizing to Mr. Sanchez for all the things Mr. Iglesias had said…..and probably also being too arrogant.


    There is a nice saying in English using “PIE”

    It´s as easy as pie = Es pan comido



    Wrong  = equivocado

    Apologize = disculparse

    Acknowledge = reconcer

    Humbly  = humildemente

    Pie = pastel

    In fact = de hecho

    Should = deberian

    Instead of = en lugar de

    Be on an ego trip = creerse el ombligo del mundo

    Of course = desde luego

    Just = solamente

    Figure of speech = un decir

    A long time ago = hace mucho tiempo

    Filled = llenado

    Such as = tal como

    Liver  = higado

    Kidney  = riñon

    Strong = fuerte

    Perhaps  = tal vez

    So easy  = tan facil

    At least  = por lo menos

    As  = ya que

    Digusting  = asqueroso

    Would rather  = preferiria

    Peach  = melocoton

    Crow  = cuervo

    Even worse  = incluso peor

    Nowadays  = hoy en dia

    Seems  = parece ser

    Right = tener razon

    Wrong  = equivocados

    Don´t care  = no les importa

    Wonder  = me pregunto

    As a gift  = como regalo

    Way  = manera

    Apologizing = disculpandose

    Saying  = dicho


    Listen to this "I´m sorry" = Lo siento video with lyrics in English by Justin Bieber



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