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Soy bilingue en inglés y español y de vez en cuando me gusta compartir historias y cuentos en inglés .

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    Everyone has to fart...or we could blow up. There are different kinds of farts. There are farts that are very smelly, silent, noisy, short and long ones. Men´s farts are probably louder than women´s farts. It´s also possible that some women are afraid to fart because they think it´s not very feminine. Why is it that men fart in bed more than women?

    A good place to fart is in the street. Of course, make sure that nobody is behind you. One of the best places to fart is when you´re riding your bicycle. Nobody will hear you fart, especially if you´re riding in the city.

    Farting is something natural, and if you don´t fart you have a big problem.

    A fart is a gas. Gas leaves the body when people burp through the mouth or comes out through the anus.

    A person has gas because they swallow too much air when eating or drinking, or because certain food creates more gas or because people eat too fast.

    Food like beans, brocoli, cauliflower, onions, apples and peaches causes gases.

    Sometimes, these gases can cause extreme pain in the chest, and often people believe they are having a heart attack.



    - Fart  = tirarse un pedo

    - Blow up  = explotar

    - Farts = pedos

    - Smelly =  apestoso

    - Noisy = ruidoso

    - Louder = mas fuerte

    - Afraid = tener miedo

    - Place = lugar

    - Make sure = asegurarse

    - Behind = detrás

    - Hear = oir

    - Leaves = sale

    - Burp = eructar

    - Comes out  = sale

    - Swallow too much  = tragar demasiado

    - Too fast

    - Beans = judias

    - Cauliflower  = col

    - Peaches = melocotones

    - Pain = dolor

    - Chest = pecho

    - Believe = creen

    - Heart attack = ataque al corazón





























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