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Soy bilingue en inglés y español y de vez en cuando me gusta compartir historias y cuentos en inglés .

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  • 09




    Valencia Internacional



    Come on Mr. Politicians. “Get your act together” = “Ponerse las pilas” and start thinking clearly about the future of Spain.

    Let´s make Spain the most prosperous country, the best place to live and where everyone is happy with their lives and living in peace.

    All you have to do is get together with the different parties and put away your stupid differences and finally make a government which represents all the people and cultures in Spain.

    Don´t even think that just because you might be an important person, you are going to have power and be rich.

    If you do, you will end up being corrupt and you will have a one year vacation in the old Alcatraz prison cleaning the toilets everyday. 

    Seriously speaking, let´s find a solution to all the problems in this country, especially the unemployment problem.

    A lot of young people must leave Spain and go abroad to find a job.

    Imagine, after studying so many years and spending a fortune at the university and perhaps getting a master..........nobody will hire them.

    After working in precarious jobs in another country, many of them think of coming back because they miss their friends and familiy, but of course….come back to what…to nothing; unless they want to live with their parents for the rest of their lives.

    They know that they can´t find a decent well-paid job in Spain, so they have no choice and continue living faraway from home.

    Also, a lot of people over forty-five years old who have been fired from their jobs; later they can´t find a job because they are too old. So, the question is…how can they live? Imagine if they have children to feed!

    The government must help these people.   

    Come on Mr. Politicians. Your number one priority is to create jobs.

    Make it easier for foreign companies to set up their businesses in Spain.

    Start thinking about the Spanish pension system. It´s necessary to create jobs so there  is enough money to pay the pensions, and one day people can retire with a pension plan after working so many years.

    And of course, the most important is to set up an anti-corruption ministry to control any kind of corruption.

    The very corrupt politicians must pay back all the money which they have illegally made, and then sent to Siberia to work on a pig farm for at least two years. This will make them better people.


    La palabra “Let´s”, es una contracción: LET + el pronombre “US” = “NOSOTROS” , en lugar de decir “Let us” = permítanos / déjanos

    “LET” es el verbo “permitir / dejar”


    Let me help you = Déjame / Permíteme que te ayude

    Let him go to the party (let jim gou tu da parti)  = Déjale que vaya a la fiesta

    Let her sleep  (let jer slip) = Déjala que duerma

    Let us pray  (let as prei) = Oremos


    Como vemos arriba, detrás de “LET”, se usa un pronombre objeto

    Recuerda que los pronombres personales son diferentes en ingles al usarlos como sujeto o objeto en una frase:



    I              yo                             Me  

    You         tu                             You

    He           el                             Him

    She         ella                           Her

    We          nosotros                   Us

    You         vosotros                   You

    They       ellos                         Them



    I will go with him (ai wil gou wez jem) = Yo iré con el

    I know you (ai nou llu)  = Yo te conozco

    He likes her  (ji laiks jer) = El le gusta a ella

    He lives with him  = El vive con el

    She will eat with her   (shi wil it wez jim)  = Ella comerá con ella

    They will work with them  = Ellos trabajaran con ellos


    Se usa “LET´S + un verbo” para hacer una frase imperativa:

    Seguro que ya conocéis la frase famosa “LET´S GO” = Vámonos

    Mas ejemplos:

    Let´s eat = (lets it) vamos a comer

    Let´s finish early  (lets fenesh erli) = Terminemos pronto

    Let´s go away for the weekend  (lets gou awei) = Vámonos fuera para el fin de semana

    Let´s get together = Unirnos

    Let´s ride a bike  (lets raid a baik) = Vamonos en bici

    Let´s make Spain the best country  (lets meik Spein da best cantri) = Hagamos que España sea el mejor pais



    Come on (kam on) = vamos

    Get your act together = ponerse las pilas

    Best = mejor

    Lives (laivs)  = vida

    Get together = uniros

    Parties (partis)  = partidos

    Put away (put awei) =  apartar

    Finally  (fainali) = por fin

    Might = (mait) puede que

    Even = (iven) incluso

    Power (pauwer)= poder

    End up (end ap) = terminar

    Let´s find  (lets faind) = encontremos 

    Unemployment = desempleo

    Leave =  (liv) abandonar / salir

    Go abroad = irse al extranjero

    Perhaps  = quizás

    Hire (jailler) = contratar

    Coming back = volver

    Miss = echar de menos

    Well-paid = bien pagado

    Choice  = (jois) elección

    Faraway  (farawei) = lejos

    Home (joum) = casa / hogar

    Over = mas de

    Fired  = despedido

    Can´t find  (kant faind) = no pueden encontrar

    Too = demasiado

    Feed  (fid) = alimentar

    Set up = montar

    Businesses  (besneses)  = negocios

    Get together = uniros

    Jobs = empleo / puestos de trabajo

    So many ( sou meni) = tantos

    Of course = por supuesto

    Set up = establecer

    Must pay back  (mast pei bak) =  deben devolver

    Farm = granja

    At least ( at list)  = por lo menos 

    Better = mejor 

    Los Youngbloods cantan "Get together" 



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