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Soy bilingue en inglés y español y de vez en cuando me gusta compartir historias y cuentos en inglés .

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    Valencia Internacional


    This morning I had to go to the center to do some things. As it was a nice and sunny day,

    I felt like riding my bicycle all the way from the Cabañal to the City Hall Square along all

    the fantastic bike lanes.

    When I arrived to the City hall square, I was surprised to see that there were no cars.

    How nice!

    No cars, so quiet and only a few taxis and some busses.

    And of course, people were skating, walking or riding their bicycles.

    It was wonderful to see a big open space, no noise, no traffic,

    and no gas fumes from so many cars. 

    It was a good and wise decision to close this beautiful square to traffic.

    In fact, the square should always be closed to traffic.

    There are a lot of coffee shops where people are sitting outside eating.

    It must be very annoying to eat outside with so much noise

    and breathing contamination.

    Therfore, the logical thing to do is to permanently close the square to traffic.

    I´m sure the local people who live in the apartments or who work around this square will be happier. 

    Tourists as well will be happier and want to sit down to have lunch,

    eat tapas or have a drink and admire the beautiful City Hall Square.

    And I´m also sure that shopowners will do more business.



    Some = algunas

    As = como

    Nice = agradable

    Sunny = soleado

    I felt like riding= me apetecia montar

    All the way = todo el trayecto

    City Hall Square = Plaza del ayuntamiento

    Along = a lo largo

    Lanes = carriles

    Arrived = llegué

    How nice!  = que bien

    So quiet = tan silencioso

    Few = pocos

    Of course = desde luego

    Skating = patinando

    Wonderful = maravilloso

    Noise = ruido

    Gas fumes = humo de gasolina

    So many = tantos

    Wise = sabio

    Close = cerrar

    In fact = de hecho

    Always = siempre

    There are a lot of = Hay mucho

    Outside = fuera

    Must = debe

    Annoying  = desagradble

    Breathing = respirando

    Therefore = por tanto

    Around = alreadedor

    As well = tambien

    Sit down = sentarse

    Shopowners = comerciantes

    Do more business = hacer mas negocios


    Listen to this nice song by Queen "I want to ride my bicycle"



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