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Soy bilingue en inglés y español y de vez en cuando me gusta compartir historias y cuentos en inglés .

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    Miguel Bose says he doesn´t like Spain the way it is now. Me neither, but I still like and love Spain. I like the people. They are friendly and are willing to help you if you have a problem. Spain is a beautiful country with beautiful people, fantasctic food from all over Spain, and a good way of life.  Spanish people know how to be happy and enjoy life.
    Nevertheless, there are many problems in other countries in the world.
    Spain has always had corruption, but the only difference is that now national Spanish newspapers and television have taken the lid of the pot and all the corruption during many years is spilling out for people to see.
    Spanish people are very angry because they only see some very cheeky people who have gotten away being corrupt for a long time. They think they are above everyone, so they can do whatever they want. 
    Of course, people are not happy.....people are not happy because all these corrupt people have abused and taken advantage of the hardworking honest Spanish people who work very hard to make a living.
    The only way for corruption to stop is immediate prison for everyone who decides to be corrupt and to give back all the money they have embezzled or stolen.
    Immediate action must be taken by the govenment and the courts. Only then will the Spaniards begin to trust the legal system and polticians. It doesn´t matter how important these politicians are. If they commit a crime, they must be punished.......just like any Spanish citizen living in this country.
    The big problem is that......... where there is a lot of money, it´s very tempting to want a big piece of the cake for yourself and for your buddies.
    Honesty and solidarity is the answer. There is plenty of money for everyone to live a good life. Money for education, creating jobs, the public health system, investigation....and above all for families who are having difficult times.
    It´s time to make a big change NOW.

    Me neither = yo tampoco
    Still = todavia
    Friendly = amigable
    Willing = dispuesto
    Nevertheless = no obstante
    Taken the lid of the pot = destapado el puchero
    Spilling out = derramandose fuera
    Cheeky = caradura
    Gotten away = salido con la suya
    Whatever = lo que
    Above = por encima
    Take advantage = aprovecharse
    Hardworking = trabajador
    Make a living = ganarse la vida
    Give back = devolver
    Embezzled = deasfalcado
    Trust = confiar
    It doesn´t matter = no importa
    Punished = castigados
    Just like = igual como
    Piece of the cake = un pedazo de la tarta
    Buddies = compinches
    Plenty of = de sobra
    Above all = sobre todo


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