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Soy bilingue en inglés y español y de vez en cuando me gusta compartir historias y cuentos en inglés .

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Una manera fácil y divertida para aprender y mejorar el inglés


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    It´s "fun to ride" a bicycle = Es "divertido" pasear en bici

     It´s 'fun to ride' a bicycle in Valencia. The city of Valencia is probably one of the best cities to ride a bike.

    Why is Valencia one of the best cities for cycling?

    1.) First of all, Valencia is flat, so it´s very easy.

    2.) Valencia has a lot of bike lanes.

    3.) The weather is great.

    4.) There are a lot of places to ride.

    5.) One can ride along the dry river bed for kilometers and kilometers with green trees everywhere and little coffee shops to stop and have a drink or eat something.

    6.) One can ride along the Arts and Science and The Music palace area which will astound you.

    7. One can also ride to the Virgin Square and visit the Cathedral, and from there ride your bike in the Carmen neighborhood area.

    It´s the old and beautiful center of the city with narrow streets taking you to little squares and quaint coffee shops around every corner.

    8. Riding a bike is relaxing and it makes you FEEL GOOD ....... to feel the wind on your face.....simply moving with the energy of your body.



    - Fun to ride = divertido pasear

    - Best  = mejores

    - First of all = primeramente

    - Flat  = plano

    - A lot of bike lanes = muchos carriles de bici

    - Great = fantastico

    - Ride = pasear en bici

    - Dry river bed  = rio seco

    - Astound  = asombrar

    - Also = tambien

    - Neighborhood  = bario

    - Narrow = estrecho

    - Squares = plazas

    - Quaint  = pintoresco

    - FEELING GOOD = sentirse bien


    Listen to this fantastic song by Nina Simone......Feeling good































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