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Soy bilingue en inglés y español y de vez en cuando me gusta compartir historias y cuentos en inglés .

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    Valencia Internacional

    Love is blind

    Love is blind

    A young couple was very much in love for a long time and were going to get married soon.

    But a month before the wedding, the bride suffered serious burns in the kitchen and her face and body was terribly disfigured.

    The bride sent her future husband a letter saying: “I don´t think we should get married.

    I had a serious accident and I have ugly scars on my body.

    You deserve to find yourself a beautiful woman.

    I´m not worthy of you anymore and I don´t want you to see me".

    Her boyfriend didn´t take long to answer her.

    “It is me who is not worthy of you.

    Some weeks ago I went to see the doctor who did some tests on me because I was having problems with my sight, especially when driving.

    He called me the other day because he had the results.

    He told me that I´m suffering from a terrible illness.

    It has affected my sight and I´m going blind.

    I still want to get married if you do.”

    Some months later they got married.

    They lived happily in love for more than twenty years.

    His wife helped her blind husband in everything, especially at home.

    But one day, his wife was seriously ill and doctors told her that she didn´t have much time to live.

    She felt really bad that she had to leave her husband all alone in his condition.

    After some months his wife died.

    At the funeral and to the astonishment of everyone there, the husband dropped his walking cane to the floor and said:

    “I was never blind".

    I only pretended to be blind so my loving wife would not feel bad if she thought I could see her disfigured body”, the husband sadly confessed.

    I loved her very much and I didn´t care at all how she looked".



    Couple = pareja

    For a long time  = durante mucho tiempo

    Get married soon = casarse pronto

    Wedding = boda

    Bride = novia

    Should = deberian

    Ugly scars = cicatrices feas

    Deserve = mereces

    I´m not worthy = no soy digno

    Anymore = ya no mas

    Didn´t take long = no tardó mucho

    Tests  = pruebas

    Sight  = vista

    Ilness  = enfermedad

    I´m going blind  = me estoy quedando ciego

    Still  = aun / todavia

    If you do = si tu quieres

    Than = de

    Really bad  = muy mal

    Ill  = enferma

    Felt really bad  = se sentía fatal

    Leave = dejar

    All alone =  solo

    Astonishment  = asombro

    Dropped = dejó caer

    Walking cane = baston

    Pertended  = fingia

    Loving = querida

    Would not feel bad = no se sentería mal

    I didn´t care at all = no me importaba en absoluto

    How she looked  = que aspecto tenia


    "If love is blind" song with lyrivs 


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