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Soy bilingue en inglés y español y de vez en cuando me gusta compartir historias y cuentos en inglés .

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    One day a child at school asked his teacher what love is.

    Therefore, the teacher told her students to walk around the school yard and to bring her things which you could love……simply, things which provoke in you feelings of love.

    Later, when all the students came back, they began to show the things they had found:

    “I brought a rose….isn´t it beautiful?”, said a girl.

    Another child said, “I found this little bird in a nest….isn´t it cute?”

    A boy called Alvaro said, “I found some mistletoe in the garden.”

    Everyone brought something that represented love for them.

    But then, the teacher saw that one of the little girls had not brought anything.

    “And you Clara,…. didn´t you find anything which you could love?”, the teacher asked her.

    Clara, shyly responded:

    “I saw the flower and I smelled its perfume. I thought of picking the flower, but then I left it so it could give off its aroma for a longer time.

    I also saw  butterflies with beautiful colors, but they looked so happy that I didn´t dare catch one.

    I saw the little bird, but when I went up the tree to see the nest, I saw the sad look of its mother and so I decided to leave it in the nest.

    With me I only bring the perfume of the flower, the freedom of the butterflies and the gratitude in the eyes of the little bird´s mother.

    “How can I show you what I brought….I didn´t bring anything?”, Clara said and greatly moving the teacher.

    The teacher thanked Clara and told her that she was the only one to understand that love is not  a trophy.

    Love is only found in one´s heart.



    Child = niño

    Asked = preguntó

    Therefore = por tanto

    Told = les dijo

    Yard = patio

    Bring = traer

    Could = podría

    Feelings = sentimientos

    Later = mas tarde

    Came back = volvieron

    Began = empezaron

    Had found = habian encontrado

    Brought = trajeron

    Nest = nido

    Cute = gracioso

    Mistletoe = muérdago

    Saw = vio

    Brought anything = traido nada

    Shyly = tímidamente

    Smelled = olío

    Thought = pensó

    Picking = arrancar

    Left = la dejé

    So = para que

    Could give off = podía exhalar

    Longer = mas tiempo

    Butterflies = mariposas

    Looked = parecian

    Dare = atrevia

    Went up = subí

    Sad look = mirada triste

    Leave = dejarlo

    Freedom = libertad

    Show = mostrar

    Greatly moving = emocionando mucho

    Only one = la única

    Understand = entender

    Only found = solo se encuentra

    Heart = corazón


    Oasis sings "Let there be love" (Que haya amor") 



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