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    "MANIPULATION" (manepiuleishon)


    It  is so easy to manipulate people. People are manipulated by advertisements on televison, bankers, the news and politcians. The danger of being manipulated is to be 'BRAINWASHED'. 

    Politicians are very clever. They have taken courses which teaches them how to manipulate the mass population.

    Hitler is a dangerous example of  the manipulation and brainwashing of the mass population.

    Manipulative people can trick and lie to you just to get what they want......and sometimes they are not sure what they want.

    Perhaps manipulators are totally wrong, but they don´t want to admit it. They think they know the truth, or perhaps they  themselves are being manipulated.

    Another example is Arthur Mas. He has been manipulating the Catalan population for months and months for Cataluña to be independent. 

    The question is for what purpose! What is the real reason for Cataluña to be independent? 

    Is it possible for politicans to also be brainwashed? They are so convinced that they are doing the right thing, although they may be completely wrong. 

    What about political parties such as the PP, Socialists...or even Podemos? Are they also manipulating people by telling them what they want to hear.

    People 'must be open-minded' and not just believe what we hear.   

    I wonder if Mr. Oriol Junkeras has been manipulating poor Mr. Mas. It´s possible Mr. Oriol is so brainwashed that he doesn´t know what or who he is......or in which country he was born in.

    The real question is, 'Who is pulling the strings' for Cataluña to be independent? Can it be an organization who simply wants power and money? 

    One way of manipulating people is by lying. Its so easy to lie. They may even cry, so people will  believe them.

    It is very hard to tell if somebody is lying. I´m sure everyone knows that bankers, businessmen and politcians lie many times to get what they want.

    A manipulator refuses to admit that he has done something wrong or is lying. 

    Do you think it´s possible that many polticians are narcisstic?

    Narcissitic people want to be admired and usually have a lack of empathy  towards other people.

    People with this disorder believe they are very important in everyone´s life.

    People with a narssistic personality are often snobbish and disdainful.

    Wake up people. We are being mislead by very dangerous manipulators. The outcome can be disasterous......just like all those people who were manipulated into investing their money in preference shares.

    Is it possible that many Catalan people have been manipulated and brainwashed. They are only acting and doing what someone is telling them what to do and want to hear.

    Let´s be careful and not fall into the trap and be only puppets.



    - So = tan

    - Advertisements = anuncios

    - News = noticias

    - Danger = peligro

    - Brainwashed = lavado de cerebro

    - Clever  = listo

    - Trick = engañar

    - Perhaps  = quizás

    - Lie  = mentir

    - Wrong = equivocado

    - Themselves = ellos mismos

    - Also = tambien

    - The right thing  = lo correcto

    - Must be open-minded  = deben tener una actitud abierta

    - Hear = oir

    - I wonder = me pregunto

    - Born in = nacido

    - Who is pulling the strings? = moviendo los hilos

    - Power  = poder

    - Lying  = mintiendo

    - Cry = llorar

    - Believe  = creer

    - Hard = dificil

    - Get = conseguir

    - Wrong = mal

    - Lack = falta

    - Towards  = hacia

    - Snobbish = esnob

    - Disdainful = despectivo

    - Wake up = despertar

    - Mislead  = engañado

    - Outcome  = consequencia

    - Just like = igual como

    - Puppets = marionetas

    - Let´s be careful and not fall into the trap  = Tengamos cuidado y no caigamos en la trampa



    We are under control  = Nos controlan











































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