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Soy bilingue en inglés y español y de vez en cuando me gusta compartir historias y cuentos en inglés .

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    Money can change a person

    There was a modest young boy who had a very strong enterprenurial spirit.

    He wanted to make it big and be very successful in the business world.

    So one day he decided to visit an old wise man and have a long conversation with him and learn a lot of things about life as well.

    The young boy began to explain to the wise man all his ambitious projects, his desire for self-improvement, and his desire of becoming very rich in the near future.

    The old wise man was rather astonished with the boy who seemed to have very clear ideas and so much enthusiasm.

    After chatting together for a while, the young audacious boy asked the old man:

    I know that when I finally have everything that money can buy, my life will change. Can you give me any advice for when that moment comes?”

    The old man got up from his armchair, affectionally took the young boy´s hand and took him to the window.

    “Look and tell me what you see”, he asked the the boy.

    “I see people”, the boy said.

    Then the old man took him in front of a mirror and asked him again, “What do you see now?”

    “I only see my reflection”, the boy answered.

    The wise man then said, As you can see, the window as well as the mirror is made of glass.

    The only difference is that the mirror has a little silver in it. As there is some wealth in the mirror, such as silver; then… one doesn´t see people anymore and only thinks of oneself and money”, said the old wise man.

    Money can change a person



    enterpreneurial spirit  = carácter emprendedor

    make it big  = tener mucho éxito

    wise = sabio

    as well = tambien

    self-improvement = deseos de superación

    becoming = llegar a ser

    rather astonished = bastante asombrado

    seemed = parecia

    so much = tanto

    chatting = charlando

    for a while = un rato

    audacious  = audaz

    got up = se levantó

    armchair = sillon

    mirror = espejo

    then = entonces

    as = como

    as there is = como hay

    wealth = riqueza

    as well as = tanto como

    a little silver = un poco de plata

    such as =  tal como

    anymore =  ya no

    oneself = en uno mismo 


    Pink Floyd canta "Money" 


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