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Soy bilingue en inglés y español y de vez en cuando me gusta compartir historias y cuentos en inglés .

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    "Move your body"


    Move your body and feel good. You have to move your body everyday at least 40 minutes. By moving your body, I mean doing fast walking, riding a bicycle, swimming or another kind of sport where the exercise is continuous...without stopping so much.

    By moving your body, you move your heart. Your heart starts pumping blood through your arteries at a high speed, which will prevent clogs in the arteries. The blood also flows through the brain, releasing feel good hormones.

    If you work, you can eat in half an hour, and then get out of the office to fast walk for thirty minutes, before going back to the daily routine...and feeling so lazy and sleepy.

    When you fast walk, your arms and legs have to work together walking around 6.5 kilometers per hour.

    Using the right technique and breathing correctly will make you feel good and prevent injury.

    When walking fast, your foot flexes through the step, with a roll from heel to toe. So, it´s important that your shoes need to be flexible enough to flex with that natural foot motion. Buying a light flexible running shoe is the best thing you can do..

    So, start moving you bodyand eliminate stress. Remember, a healthy body a healthy mind.



    Feel good = sentirse bien

    At least  = por lo menos

    Mean = quiero decir

    Kind = tipo

    Heart = corazon

    Pumping  = bombeando

    Through = atraves

    Clogs  = obstrucciones

    Get out = salir

    Going back = volviendo

    Lazy and sleepy  = perezoso y con sueño

    Together  = juntos

    Breathing = respirando

    Injury = herida

    Step = pisada

    Roll = balanceo

    Heel to toe  = talon a los dedos

    Best = lo mejor

    healty body healthy mind = cuerpo sano menta sana

























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