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Soy bilingue en inglés y español y de vez en cuando me gusta compartir historias y cuentos en inglés .

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  • 09




    Not on the right road

     People in pain

    What a crying shame

    Children crying

    Because they are starving

    Bombs explode

    while guns reload

    Blood in the street

    Together with blown feet

    Not on the right road

    when bombs continue to explode

    People slay

    Later they pray

    People kill

    because they have simply no will

    Rockets fly

    In the sky

    People cry

    When they die

    It is all a big lie

    People greedy

    To hell with the needy

    The world has gone crazy

    And others are just too lazy

    Not on the right road

    When people are left to corrode

    People are angry

    because they are hungry

    Living in the street

    No shoes on their feet

    No homes

    Only loans

    Others love money

    cause they need a honey

    Hard to find a job

    All one can do is rob

    People shoot to kill

    Just for the thrill

    People ask why

    Looking at the sky

    Goodbye goodbye

    With a very deep sigh

    The world is not right

    When people are uptight

    Pray to God

    Everything is a fraud

    Corrupt politicans

    No more mathematicians

    People getting cancer

    Nobody has got any answer

    Not on the right road

    With such a heavy load

    All this suffering

    Not much loving

    People in pain

    What a crying shame 


    copyright 2012 alan moliner


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