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Soy bilingue en inglés y español y de vez en cuando me gusta compartir historias y cuentos en inglés .

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Una manera fácil y divertida para aprender y mejorar el inglés


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    Be very careful with PICKPOCKETS. They can fuck up your day.

    El verbo “pick” significa coger, escoger y recoger….y “pocket” significa bolsillo.


    Pickpockets are in every country in the world. They usually work in big and well known cities, especially where there are a lot of tourists or people walking in the city center.

    Cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Rome, Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia people are very vulnerable to pickpockets…..because many of them are professionals and can steal whatever they want. 

    So you must be very careful and be fully aware, and it doesn´t matter if you are a tourist or not.

    Therefore you must take some precautions:

    Use your eyes and be aware of the people around you and especially watch people if they get too close to you.

    Avoid crowded places. Where there are crowded places, there are a lot of pickpockets.

    Don´t fall asleep on the train, or on the underground.

    Never leave your luggage unattended at the airport.

    If you wear a backpack, put the packpack in the front, not on your back. Put the valuable items in the bottom of the packpack and non-important things on top.

    If you are a woman wearing a handbag, make sure it´s in the front and cross it over your chest.

    Don´t put anything in your backpockets, such as wallets or cell phones. Put these things in your front pockets.

    And of course, never put your cellphone on the table if you´re having a drink or lunch.

    Don´t carry so much money on you.

    Leave important credit cards and passports at the hotel. Only take one credit card with you.

    So remember, use your eyes well.



    Very careful = mucho cuidado

    Pickpockets = carteristas

    Fuck up = fastidiar / joder

    Well known = muy conocido

    Such as = tal como

    Whatever = lo que

    Must = debes

    Be fully aware = estar totalmente al loro

    It doesn´t matter = no importa

    Therefore = por tanto

    Watch = vigilar (mirar)

    Get too close = se acercan demasiado

    Crowded = abarrotado

    Fall asleep = dormirse

    Leave = dejar

    Luggage = equipaje

    Wear = llevar

    Backpack = mochila

    In the front = en la parte de delante

    Back = espalda

    Handbag = bolso de mano

    Make sure = asegurarse

    Backpockets = bolsillos de atrás

    Wallets = billeteras

    So much = tanto

    Carry = llevar


    Listen to the song = Pocketful of dreams = Un bolsillo lleno de sueños 


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