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Soy bilingue en inglés y español y de vez en cuando me gusta compartir historias y cuentos en inglés .

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    Valencia Internacional


    La palabra “Shopping” = ir de compras, viene de la palabra británica “Shop” = tienda


    En inglés americano, se dice “Store” para decir tienda, y no “shop”….pero si que dicen “Shopping”; y de la palabra “store” viene la palabra “Drugstore”

    It´s nice and sometimes necessary to go shopping.  As life can be stressing, going shopping makes you feel goodproviding you have a job and a decent salary.

    The problem is that when there are bargains, usually after Christmas or in Spring, where one can buy things; mainly clothes up to a 50 % discount or more, people have a tendency to go on a shopping spree and perhaps buy things they really don´t need.

    To go on a shopping spree is go to a lot of shops and go crazy buying things, as long as it´s cheaper than before.

    Of course, shopping can also be fun, if you aren´t in a hurry. You can spend the whole day in a shopping center where there are all kinds of shops to choose from.

    The other day I went shopping in the city center with my wife. The streets were very crowded and the shops were jam-packed with people.


    This shop is jam-packed with people


    What I hate the most about going bargain shopping is that many shops have the music really loud which makes you want to scream, and also there is no fucking place to sit down, as your spouse is trying on clothes or going around the shop looking for articles to buy.

    Other problems about going bargain shopping is that one needs to wait in very long lines up to an hour in some cases and it can be too hot in the shop.

    So, the loud music, being too hot and waiting in line really turn me off.

    If I see long lines of people waiting to pay, I don´t bother going into the shop.

    I ask myself if I really need these pants or shirts because I already have a lot at home.

    If I get tired of standing and the loud music, I will sit outisde on a bench and watch all the different people walking by.



    Go shopping = ir de compras

    Feel good = siente bien

    Providing = (dos maneras de decir “con tal que”

    Bargains = gangas

    Mainly = principalmente

    Shopping spree = de compras a lo bestia

    Perhaps = quizás

    As long as = “con tal que”

    Cheaper = mas barato

    Fun = divertido

    Aren´t in a hurry = no tienes prisa

    Whole = entero

    Kinds = clases

    Crowded = abarrotado

    Jam – packed = atiborrado

    What I hate the most = lo que mas odio

    Loud = fuerte (sonido)

    Scream = gritar

    Fucking = maldito

    Sit down = sentarse

    Spouse = cónyuge

    Trying on = probandose

    Going around = llendo por

    Looking for = buscando

    Lines = colas

    Too hot = demasiado calor

    Turn me off =  desagrada

    Bother = molesto

    Already = ya

    Get tired = me canso

    Bench  = banco


    Escucha esta cancion que se llama "I wanna buy these Christmas shoes" 


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