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Soy bilingue en inglés y español y de vez en cuando me gusta compartir historias y cuentos en inglés .

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    The Bear and two friends


    One day two friends were walking through the forest. They both knew that dangerous things could happen to people in a forest.

    They promised to each other that they would stay together if there was any kind of danger. As they were walking, they saw a very big bear walking towards them. One of the friends quickly went up a tall tree. 

    The other friend didn´t know how to climb a tree. He once had heard that in times of danger from a wild animal, the best thing was to pretend you are dead by lying down on the ground and not breathing;  so that´s exactly what he did.

    The big brown bear came very near the man. It smelt him in his ears, and then decided to leave. Bears don´t like to touch dead creatures.

    Later his friend came down from the tree and asked his friend who was still lying on the ground.

    'My friend. What did the bear say to you in your ears?'

    The friend answered his friend. 'The bear advised me not to trust a false friend' 


    Moral:  A true friend will always support and stand by you in any situation


    - Forest  = bosque

    - Both = ambos

    - Dangerous = peligroso

    - Happen = ocurrir

    - Each other = el uno al otro

    - Would stay together = permanecian juntos

    - Danger = peligro

    - Bear = oso

    - Towards = hacia

    - Quickly = rapidamente

    - Went up = subió

    - Climb = escalar

    - Wild = salvaje

    - Dead = muerto

    - Lying down = tumbándose

    - Breathing = respirando

    - Smelt = olió

    - Ears = orejas

    - Came down = bajó

    - Still lying = todavia tumbado

    - Answered = contesto

    - Advised = aconsejo

    - Trust = confiar

    - Moral = moraleja

    - True = verdadero

    - Support = apoyar

    - Stand by  = no abandonar



































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