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Soy bilingue en inglés y español y de vez en cuando me gusta compartir historias y cuentos en inglés .

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    Here is a BRAIN test you can do TO FIND OUT  = Averiguar

    How our BRAIN works  = Como funciona nuestro cerebro

    All human brains are very similar. The brain is divided into two hemispheres which are a little different. The left side is for all kinds of communication. The right side of the brain receives and analyses information from the outside world. More than ninety percent of the population is right-handed and these people use the left hemishpere more, and if you´re left-handed you use the right side of the brain more. There are investigations which say that male and female brains may work differently in some things, but when it is related to problem-solving activities, the male and female brain works in the same way. Do we at times use one side and at other moments use the other side, or can we use both sides of the brain at the same time, which sounds more logical?

    Or perhaps all of this is "HOGWASH"  

    As said before, "LEFTIES" use the right side of the brain which is more holistic thinking (emphasizing the importance of the whole). They are more creative and visual thinkers. It is also said that "lefties" are more "CLUMSY"; it is because they have to use tools , which are made for right-handed people.

    And it is said that right-handed people use the left side of the brain which is more for linear thinking (organize thoughts in a step by step way).  Is this true or not?

    It is also said that all the great artists and musicians use the right side of the brain more. Is this true?

    Another important question is how much of the brain do people use. It is said we only use10%, but is this true, or do use we more?  I´m sure there are brain-training exercises that we can do to increase this precentage and perhaps use 100% of the brain. Or do we already use 100% of the brain! 


    - Kinds = tipo

    - Outside = exterior

    - Left-handed = zurdo

    - Right-handed = diestro

    - Male = masculino

    - Female = femenino

    - Both sides = ambos lados

    - Perhaps = quizás

    - Hogwash = chorradas / tonterías

    - Whole = totalidad

    - Lefties = zurdos

    - Clumsy = torpe

    - Tools = herramientas

    - Thoughts = pensamientos

    - Step by step = paso a paso

    - How much = cuanto

    - Already = ya

     Here are some expressions using the word "BRAIN"


    Brainy (colloquial)  = para decir muy inteligente = She´s brainy = Es un cerebrito

    Brainstorming session  =  Lluvia de ideas

    Have a brainstorm  =  Tener una idea brillante

    Brainwash  = Lavar el cerebro: Soldiers were brainwashed during the war  =  A los soldados se les lavaron el cerebro durante la guerra

    Brainless  = Estúpido - What a brainless thing to say! = Vaya estupidez lo que has dicho!

    Brainteaser  =  Rompe cabezas

    Brainchild = Creación, invento o idea brillante  - Whose brainchild was this? = De quien era esta idea brillante?

    Brains = Lumbrera  - My wife is the brains in the family = Mi mujer es la lumbrera de la familia



    It is said that left-brained people are the following = siguiente:

    They like classical music

    Good at languages

    Good at math

    Very logical

    Like dogs

    They are rational

    Do things in a planned way

    Usually not absent-minded  =  despistados

    Like to read

    Are organized

    Follow western thought

    It is said tharight-brained people are the following:

    They are good at sports

    Good at art

    They like cats

    Ocassionally absent-minded = despistados

    Solve problems intuitively


    They are dreamers  = soñadores

    They are philisophical

    Good at geometry

    Like to clown-around  =  hacer el payaso

    Follow eastern thought

    Listen to George Harrison with Spanish subtitles sing "BRAINWAHSED = lavado de cerebro


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