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Soy bilingue en inglés y español y de vez en cuando me gusta compartir historias y cuentos en inglés .

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    Everyone wants to be happy. Of course, the most important thing is to sleep well and wake up every morning giving thanks to God for another day to be with your loved ones, walk in the sunshine along the beach, go to work and be with your workmates....and eat delicious food.
    People in Valencia are lucky because there is so much variety of fruit, and it´s not expensive at all, compared to other countries.
    One fruit which is very popular now is the MANGO.
    Did you know this is called the happiness fruit?
    Well, this tropical fruit is now cultivated in the south of Spain, so it´s not expensive.
    It is called the happiness fruit beacuse it is rich in tryptophan, which produces seratonoin.
    Seratonin is the happiness hormone.
    Tryptophan will make you feel more relaxed during the day and help you sleep better.
    Mango is also rich in fiber helping you not to be constipated.
    A good way to eat mango is by making a delicious milkshake.
    - Peel the mango
    - Cut into small pieces and add to the blender
    - Peel a banana and cut into small pieces.
    - Add one yougurt
    - Add two glasses of milk or soja
    - Add a tablespoon of honey
    - Put it in the fridge to drink a little cold.
    It is delicious and you will feel wonderful
    - Everyone = todo el mundo
    - Of course = por supuesto
    - Wake up  = despertarse
    - Workmates = compañeros de trabajo
    - At all = en absoluto
    - Constipated = estreñido
    - Milkshake = batido
    - Blender = batidora
    - Tablespoon = cucharrada
    - Honey = miel
    James Brown canta 'I feel good'  = Me siento bien'



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