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Soy bilingue en inglés y español y de vez en cuando me gusta compartir historias y cuentos en inglés .

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    Valencia Internacional

    The Martians have landed (PART 2)

    The Martians have landed (PART 2)

    My friends from Mars were happy. Everyone who rides motorcycles on Mars now has the leather motorcycle jacket which I had orginally bought for them.

    They were very nice to me and took me with them back to their planet.

    One day I had a walk with my dog enjoying the beautiful Martian landscape.

    The Martians have landed (PART 2)

    The next day, they gave me a motorcycle to try out. They love to ride this kind of bike (see the picture below).

    Later after dinner and what I liked the most, they gave me super powers because I had been so nice to them.

    It´s awesome what I can do.

    For example, I can:

    -          Travel with my bike all over the world and visit different galaxies

    -          I am immortal and cannot be killed

    -          I´m able to change things in the world which I don´t like

    -          I can speak any kind of language

    -          I can travel underwater in any sea and ocean

    -          I can become invisible

    My friends the Martians are very nice and friendly. They are probably the most advanced race in the cosmos.

    They live in peace and enjoy life much more than Earth. Therefore, there are no wars and crimes.

    When a Martian child is born, they are born with a special trait.

    If a child likes music, they will be the best musicians in the world.

    When they are 17 years old, they can come to Earth and become famous.

    Elvis Presely was one of them. Now he´s back on Mars living another different life doing other things he likes.

    One thing he really likes is riding his Harley motorcycle. He´s the big boss of the Space Travelers.

    Elvis arranges very special tours anywhere in the world

    The Martians love riding route 66, going to Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon….and especially spending a week in Las Vegas, because Elvis is an expert.

    The Martians have landed (PART 2)

    Martian people don´t need to work. There are no politicans and no presidents.

    They don´t need any money to live and don´t need to buy anything.

    They have everything they need to be happy, so they simply enjoy life doing what they are born to do. Just live.

    They can also choose to live wherever they want.

    As they love water, many of them prefer to live in exotic places with beautiful beaches.

    If you go to Malibu, Hawaii, Bali, Ibiza or Formentera, I´m sure you can meet a Martian there.

    As a matter of fact, I´m in Formentera at the moment with my Earth motorcyle. Isn´t she a beauty?

    The Martians have landed (PART 2)

    It´s a fantastic island to ride a motocycle and go swimming or going underwater with my cycle in the transparent blue waters.  

    Here I am riding a Martian motorcycle. I only use it when I´m traveling in space.

    The Martians have landed (PART 2)



    Back = de regreso

    Landscape = paisaje

    What I liked the most  = lo que me gustaba

    Awesome = impresionante

    I´m able = soy capaz

    Any = cualquier

    Friendly  = amistosos

    Therefore  = por tanto

    Trait  = rasgo

    Arranges  =  organiza

    Love = les encanta

    Anything  = nada

    Just  = solamente

    Wherever  = a donde quieren

    As = como

    As a matter of fact  = de hecho

    Beauty  = belleza


    David Bowie sings "Life On Mars"


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