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Soy bilingue en inglés y español y de vez en cuando me gusta compartir historias y cuentos en inglés .

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    One afternoon, the people of the village saw Rabiya looking for something in the street in front of her hut.

    They went to her and asked what she was looking for.

    And she answered, “I´ve lost my needle”.

    Therefore, all the village wanted to help her find the object.

    After a while, somebody told her: “Rabiya, this street is very long and wide and the needle is very tiny. Do you have any idea where the needle fell”?

    The old woman answered: “Inside my house”.

    Everyone looked at each other very surprised and said, “Then why are looking for the needle outside in the street?”

    Rabiya looked at them and answered: “Because out in the street there is a lot of light, but in my hut it´s dark”.

    Her neighbors thought she had lost her marbles and told her she should look for the needle in her hut.

    Then suddenly Rabiya exclaimed: “ You are you all so intelligent to solve little trivial things!”

    “When are you going to use that same capacity for your inner self”?

    Then Rabiya spoke about her profound unhappiness and her habit of hiding it under external things: “Why do you look for happiness in the external world?

    “What have you lost there?

    From my own experience, I know that happiness is found inside every person.

    Just like the needle we are looking for…...which is inside my home” 



    -looking for  = buscando

    -hut  = choza

    -needle  = aguja

    -therefore  = por tanto

    -after a while  = despues de un rato

    -tiny =  pequeñito

    -a lot of  = mucho

    -inside = dentro de

    -each other  = el uno al otro

    -outside = fuera de

    -lost her marbles  = perdido la cabeza

    -should  = deberia

    -suddenly  = de pronto

    -going to  = vais a

    -so  = así que

    -inner self  =  vida interior

    -unhappiness  = infelicidad

    -hiding  =  escondiendolo

    -every  = cada

    -just like  = igual como


    Nina Simone sings "Feeling good"


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