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    The Three Wise Men


    The Three Wise Men or (Kings) are on their way to Spain. It´s the most important religious festivity for Spaniards. Children of all ages look forward to this very special magical day....January 6th.

    In other parts of the world many countries celebrate Christmas, but in Spain, the true meaning of the Christmas holidays is the coming of the Three Wise Men to bring gifts to Jesus.

    We all know that Jesus was born in Bethlehem in Judea during the time of King Harod.

    The Three Wise Men knew that Jesus was born King of the Jews because they had seen a bright star in the east and wanted to come to worship him.

    So, they packed their camels and began their long journey following the star. Each of them brought gifts to give to Jesus.

    One of the three Kings was called Gaspar. He was the king of Sheba and he brought Frankincense. 

    The other King was called Melchior. He was the king of Arabia and he brought gold

    The last King was called Balthazar. He was the King of Tarse and Eygpt and he brought Myrrh.

    The Three Wise Men finally found Jesus to give these precious gifts.

    These three gifts have a special meaning to Christians.

    Gold is associated with Kings. For them Jesus in the King of Kings

    Frankincense is sometimes used in Churches to worship Jesus.

    Myrrh is a perfume which is put on dead bodies so they have a nice smell.

    **The meaning of WISE is 'sabio'.

    Let´s hope that 2015 will be a very wise year and that people can live a happy and rewarding life and children all over the world have food to eat.



    - The Three Wise men (Kings' = los Reyes magos

    - On their way  = en camino

    - Most = mas

    - Look forward to = esperan con mucho entusiasmo y alegria

    - True meaning = significado verdadero

    - Gifts = regalos

    - Worship = adorar

    - Journey  = viaje

    - Each of them = cada uno de ellos

    - Nice smell  = olor agradable

    - Let´s hope = Esperemos

    - Rewarding = gratificante

    James Blunt sings 'Wisemen'






















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