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Soy bilingue en inglés y español y de vez en cuando me gusta compartir historias y cuentos en inglés .

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    Valencia Internacional


    Two homeless men lived together in the outskirts of a city. They lived in an old run down building.

    One of them was lame and the other person was blind.

    They went to the city everyday to beg for money to buy some food.

    The problem was, that they always had serious arguments to get the best corner to ask for money; instead of helping each other.

    But one night, the building caught on fire because of a candle.


    They knew they would lose everything they had….but the most important thing was to save themselves.

    But, as one was lame and the other one blind, they would have serious difficulties coming out alive.

    The lame man was thinking that possibly they still had a chance of escaping from the devastating fire. 

    But as he was lame, there was no way he could get out running.

    The blind man, on the other hand, had two strong legs….but he couldn´t see anything.

    When they both knew they were soon going to be burnt alive, they realized that they needed each other to escape the flames.

    The blind man decided that the best decision was was to carry his lame friend on his back. They would work together as a team.

    The blind man would run and the lame man guided him where to go to avoid any kind of obstacles.

    In the end they both finally came out alive from the building and were saved.

    The moral is:

    It´s wiser not to always argue about silly unimportant things. We all need each other in many ways for a common goal…….the most important is working and solving problems together to....SURVIVE.



    Homeless  =  sin techo

    Together  = juntos

    Outskirts  =  las afueras

    Run down  =  en ruinas

    Lame  = cojo

    Blind  = ciego

    Everyday  = todos los dias

    Beg  =  pedir (suplicar)

    Arguments  = discusiones

    Get   =  conseguir

    Corner  =  esquina

    Ask  = pedir (preguntar)

    Each other  = el uno al otro

    Caught on fire  = se encendió

    Candle  = vela

    Would lose  = perderian

    Save themselves  = salvarse a ellos mismos

    Would have  = tendrian

    Coming out alive = salir vivos

    Still had a chance  = aun tenian una oportunidad

    There was no way  = no habia manera

    Get out  = salir

    On the other hand  = por otra parte

    Couldn´t  = no podian

    Both  = ambos

    Realized  =  se dieron cuenta

    Each other  = el uno al otro

    Soon  = pronto

    Burnt  alive  = quemados vivos

    Realized  = se dieron cuenta

    Flames  = llamas

    Carry  =  llevar (portar)

    Team  = equipo

    Back  =  espalda

    Together  = juntos

    Would run  = correrian

    Avoid any kind  =  evitar cualquier tipo

    In the end  =  al final

    both finally came out  =  finalmente ambos salieron

    Alive  = vivos  

    Wiser  =  mas sabio

    Argue  =  discutir

    Silly  = tontas

    Each other  = el uno al otro

    Goal  = objetivo

    Survive  = sobrevivir


    Escuchar la cancion: Together we can change the world 


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