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Soy bilingue en inglés y español y de vez en cuando me gusta compartir historias y cuentos en inglés .

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    Valencia Internacional


    La Paz Street in Valencia is TOO NOISY.

     What a shame….because it´s one of the most beautiful streets in Valencia.

    There is so much noise all day and night.

    There are so many cars, buses, trucks and motorcycles that use this street.

    The noise is horrible.

    You cannot sit in a coffee shop to have breakfast or lunch because of the noise.

    In fact, it´s a very stressing street to walk and go shopping.

    And the big question is….where the hell are all these cars going?

    Who knows? Is it really so important to go to the center?

    As everyone knows, Valencia can be very hot in summer, especially in the city center.

    If you walk along this street in summer, the heat is unbearable, and not to mention the dirty gases from all the vehicles.

    I read in the newspaper that the Valencian local government is thinking of closing the Town Hall Square and making it pedestrian. This is very good news.

    If this is true, then they must also do the same to La Paz and San Vicente Street.

    I´m sure tourists, people who live in Valencia and especially all the shopkeepers would be happier if these Streets were free of this horrible noise.

    These beautiful streets and the Town Hall Square should only be for pedestrians, cyclists and perhaps a special lane for taxis which are electric and special buses which use clean energy.

    I´m sure more people would walk along these streets and stop to buy things in all the shops.

    If I were the mayor, I would take drastic action and make these streets a pleasure to walk or ride a bicycle because there are no cars and it´s so quiet.

    As there are so many tourists and people who live in this wonderful city, I´m sure coffee shops and restaurants would have tables outside and people would sit down to have a beer, tapas or lunch and admire the beauty of this city.

    So, it´s high time to make the city center free of noise, clean and beautiful again.

    And of course, no cars in La Paz street. Look HOW NICE!



    El título de este articulo es “La Paz Street in Valencia is “TOO NOISY”

    Un problema para muchos que estudian ingles, es el uso de usar "DEMASIADO", porque hay dos formas:

    1. “TOO + ADJETIVO significa demasiado. 

    Ejemplos de TOO + ADJETIVOS

    It´s too hot  = Hace demasiado calor

    It´s too expensive = Es demasiado caro

    It´s too far  = Es demasiado lejos

    I´m too tired  = Estoy demasiado cansado

    It´s too dirty  = Está demasiado sucio

    You re too lazy = Eres demasiado perezoso


    Ejemplos de TOO MUCH + SUSTANTIVO

    There is too much noise  = Hay demasiado ruido

    El plural de TOO MUCH es TOO MANY

    There are too many cars  = Hay demasiados coches

    There are too many people in Barcelona  = Hay demasiada gente en Barcelona

    There is too much contamination  = Hay demasiada contaminación

    I have too much work  = Tengo demasiado trabajo

    People have too much stress  = La gente tiene demasiado estrés

    A lot of people drink too much alcohol and drive  = Mucha gente beben demasiado alcohol y conducen

     Así que "DEMASIADO" puede ser “TOO” o “TOO MUCH Y "DEMASIADOS" = TOO MANY. Como vemos en los ejemplos 



    Too noisy  = demasiado ruidoso

    What a shame  = que pena

    So much  = tanto

    So many = tantos

    In fact = de hecho

    Go shopping = ir de compras

    Where the hell = donde demonios

    Heat = calor (sustantivo)

    Unbearble = insoportable

    Closing = cerrar

    Town Hall Square = Plaza del Ayuntamiento

    Must  = deben

    Shopkeepers  = tenderos / comerciantes

    Should = debería

    If I were = Si yo fuera

    As = como

    Quiet  = silenciosa / tranquila

    Would take  = tomaría

    As = como

    Would sit down  = se sentarían

    So, it´s high time  = asi que, ya es hora

    Of course  = desde luego


    Petula Clark canta: "Downtown"



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