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Soy bilingue en inglés y español y de vez en cuando me gusta compartir historias y cuentos en inglés .

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    Valencia Internacional

    Valencia must...

    The new Valencian government must  (deben) do a lot of things to make this beautiful city a better place to live in.

    "MUST" es un verbo modal y acompaña otro verbo. Se usa esta palabra para algo que es obligatorio.

    -You must go to the doctor = Debes ir al medico

    Otro verbo modal es SHOULD (deberia). Se usa esta palabra para dar sugerencias.

    -You should stop smoking. = Deberias dejar de fumar

    The Valencian government must:

    1.Stop evictions

    It is not people´s fault that there people who are paying a mortage but they don´t have a job at the moment.

    Imagine a family with children. How can they pay all the expenses.

    There must be a solution to this very big problem.

    2. Clean the city.

    In some parts of Valencia, it smells horrible.....even the tourists are complaining.

    The sewers should be cleaned more often. There are a lot of poeple who visit Valencia.

    3. Make more bicycle lanes, especially  in Avenues.

    The best way to travel in Valencia is by bike. A lot of bicycle lanes must be repaired.

    The city of Valencia should be the best bicycle city in the world.

    4. Limit the amount of cars in the city center.

    There are too many cars causing too much noise and too much contamination.

    5. Make more parks.

    There are a lot of abandoned areas where a park should be made. More green areas are necessary.

    6. Have more radars controlling the speed limits in the city.

    People in Valencia drive very fast and often cause many accidents.

    7. Install cameras to control drivers who jump red lights.

    8. Make it easier for people to open small businesses.

    9. A truck must pick up the old furniture that people leave in the street everyday.

    10. And of course, the Cabanyal neighborhood must be reabilitated.

    In some parts it can be dangerous to go walking or by bicycle.



    -Better = mejor

    -Evictions = desahucios

    -Fault = cilpa

    -Mortgage = hipoteca

    -Expenses = gastos

    -There must be = Debe de haber

    -Clean = limpiar


    -Smells = huele

    -Sewers = alcantarilla

    -More often = mas amenudo

    -Lanes = carriles

    -Too many = demasiados

    -Too much noise = demasiado ruido

    -Jump = se saltan

    -Make it easier = hacerlo mas fácil

    -Businesses = negocios

    -Truck = camion

    -Pick up = recoger

    -Furniture = muebles

    -Leave = dejan

    -Of course = por supuesto

    -Improve = mejorar


    -Dangerous = peligroso


    Listen to this song with lyrics "A better place" = Un mejor lugar


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