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Soy bilingue en inglés y español y de vez en cuando me gusta compartir historias y cuentos en inglés .

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Una manera fácil y divertida para aprender y mejorar el inglés


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    "What a mess the world is"

     "What a mess the world is"


    Not easy to find a good job

    Just ask Pedro and Bob

    Pollution is getting worse

    Be careful with your purse

    People dying of hunger

    Nobody cares any longer

    All we can do is complain

    Politicians have their own plane

    Everyday bombs kill

    Who´s gonna pay the bill

    Bodies lying in the street

    Without any feet

    Never to dream 

    Washed away in the stream

    Some only want more money

    Others ask what´s so funny

    Families leave their homes

    Can´t pay their loans

    Have to live in a tent

    Cause they can´t pay the rent

    Nothing left but skin and moans

    All that´s left are chicken bones

    Politicans promise this and that

    All they want is to get fat

    Better to lie and cheat

    People living in the street

    Easier to steal

    Because they don´t feel

    Men, women and children have no hope

    All they can do is pray to the pope

    Who cares about climate change

    It´s more important missile range

    Sleep in the street

    With no feet

    What a mess the world is

    It´s all show biz

    by a.j.moliner

    Joan Baez sings "Blowing in the wind"


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