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Soy bilingue en inglés y español y de vez en cuando me gusta compartir historias y cuentos en inglés .

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    Valencia Internacional

    Where is Mr./ Mrs.Charisma?

    Very few people in the world are born with Charisma.

    These people in the photograph were and are charismatic.

    Where is Mr./ Mrs.Charisma?

    I don´t think the big four Spanish Presidential contenders are born leaders and charismatic enough for people to think; “Yes, we believe in you and trust you….and we understand what you are saying. You have my vote."

    Well, maybe Albert Rivera of Cuitadans is, but just a little bit.

    He could be more charismatic if he wasn´t such a nervous person and if he was a little older and with more experience.

    A person with charisma must have a force of personality and make an impact on people.

    It is said that Felipe González had a lot of charisma when he was the Spanish Prime Minister (President) from 1982 to 1996.

    That´s a long time in power.  I suppose he is still a very charismatic person.

    John F. Kennedy was probably the most charismatic American president.

    It´s a pity he was killed.

    People say that Hilary Clinton and Obama are also charismatic.

    The leader of Podemos on the other hand can make people nervous.

    He can also talk a blue streak, and I think he still has a lot to learn.

    However, he´s probably a very good teacher.

    Pedro Sanchez is a bit wishy-washy and has a lack of conviction.

    I ask myself if he really believes what he preaches.

    Mariano Rajoy has experience, so at times he does sound convincing, and other times he just says what his advisors tell him to say.

    Charismatic people draw attention as soon as they enter a room.

    They send positive energy vibrations and motivate people as soon as they start talking.

    The problem is that these Spanish leaders lack passion.

    I also believe they are very insecure and don´t say what they really feel in a natural way to connect with people..

    Charismatic people have the world in their control, just like Obama did when he became President of The United States of America .

    As there are no charismatic Spanish leaders at the moment, then leaders will have to get together to make a fruitful government.


    Charismatic people simply… inspire. This is what Spain needs.



    Few = poca

    Believe = creer

    Trust = confiar

    Best = mejor

    Maybe = quizás

    A liitle bit = un poquito

    Just = solamente

    Could = podría

    Such  = tan

    Must = debe

    Long time = mucho tiempo

    Still = todavía

    It´s a pity = es una pena

    On the other hand = por otra parte

    Talk a blue streak = hablar por los codos

    However = sin embargo

    Wishy – washy = ni fu ni fa

    Lack = falta

    Preaches = predica

    Times = veces

    Draw = atraen

    As soon as = tan pronto que

    Feel = sienten

    Just like = igual como 

    Get together = unirse

    Fruitful = productivo / fructífero


    The Younbloods sing "Get together"


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