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Soy bilingue en inglés y español y de vez en cuando me gusta compartir historias y cuentos en inglés .

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    Who to vote? That is the big question.

    How do we know that a politician will be an honest person and only think of the people he represents?

    But..... it´s always the same…bla,bla,bla…..and it´s always a BIG LIE.

    In the end, all politicians succumb to corrupt business men.

     If you rub my back, I will rub yours.

    Business men will ask the politician, “Would you like to make some extra money”?

    Of course, it´s very tempting, and it´s very likely many politicans won´t refuse such an offer.

    Who wouldn´t? Sooner or later, they will accept bribes.

    As soon as the politician bites the bait, it´s too late. He has fallen into a trap.

    He has the power…and where there is power there is money.

    So, who can we trust? In my opinion, there is no such thing as an honest politician.

    They probably think that because politicians have a lot of stress and a lot of responsibility, then they must accept black money and simply become corrupt little by little.

    The more money they make, the greedier they become.

    And the more power they have, the more power they want.

    They all beome fat cats.

    Now at least, there are new parties with different ideas and proposals. They are young and have a lot to learn.

    They also will become corrupt.

    The only solution is that if a politician is corrupted, he immediatley must be fired from his job….just like in any company. Adios.  

    And, after being fired, they must pay back all the money they stole....and of course spend some time in prison.....just like any normal person who steals


    In the end  = al final

    If you rub my back, I´ll rub yours = si me rascas la espalda, te rasco la tuya

    Would you like  = te gustaría

    Of course = por supuesto

    Likely  = probable

    Who wouldn´t? = quien no

    Sooner or later = tarde o temprano

    Bribes = sobornos

    As soon as = tan pronto que

    Bites the bait  = muerde el anzuelo

    Too late  = demasiado tarde

    Fallen into a trap  = caido en una trampa

    Power = poder

    So  = así que

    Trust = confiar

    Such thing = tal cosa

    A lot of  = mucho

    Must = deben

    Little by little  = poco a poco

    The more money they make, the greedier they become =

    Cuanto mas dinero ganan, mas avaricios se convierten

    Fat cats = pez gordos

    At least  = por lo menos

    Must be fired = debe ser despedido

    Just like = igual como

    Pay back  = devolver

    Stole = robaron

    Spend  = pasar

    Just like = igual como

    Steals  = roba


    Abba sings "Money money money



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