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Soy bilingue en inglés y español y de vez en cuando me gusta compartir historias y cuentos en inglés .

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    "Working in London"

    A lot of Spanish people think about living and working in London. Such is the case of nurses.  

    Spanish nurses are very well seen and there are many opportunities to work in public or private hospitals.  

    The main factor for going to the UK is to learn English and one day be able to speak English fluently.

    I recommend that before somebody goes to England, they should have at least a B1 level (low intermediate).

    In this level, one has a basic knowledge of grammar constructions, vocabulary and can have a relatively easy conversation. 

    It will be easier to get a job if you can speak English if you want to work as a waiter in a restaurant, in a Spanish shop such as Zara, work as a cook, or in a fast food such as Burger King or McDonalds.

    If you have some kind of title and are qualified, one can also work as a Spanish teacher in a language school. 

    One good way to learn English is to work as an au-pair. You will live with a family and you will have your own room. As an au-pair, you are responsible for looking after children. You will get paid , have weekends off and go to an Academy to study English. Speaking to children and to the family is a good way to improve your English.

    In many cases, it is required that you stay with the family for at least 6 months.

    One can also work on a Concordia farm picking or packing apples, other kind of fruit and vegetables, flowers.......and you will get paid the minimum salary.

    If you are thinking of going to England, you can  request a national insurance number, although you still don´t have a job.  

    Something very important is finding accommodation. It´s a good idea to rent a room in a youth hostel for a week while you look for a room in a house with other students.

    The web page "Gumtree" is a good site to find rooms to let when you are already living in London .

     And remember, London isn´t the only place to find a job and live. A lot of Spaniards go to Bristol or Manchester.

    So, before you go to England, study more English....and practice speaking in English with a qualified English teacher.

    Here is a very good blog to help you learn and improve your English


    - Think about = considerar

    - Such is = tal es

    - Nurses  = enfermeras

    - Very well seen = muy bien vistas

    - Main = principal

    - Be able = poder / ser capaz

    - Should = deberia

    - At least = por lo menos

    - Knowledge  = conocimiento

    - Get  = conseguir

    - Waiter  = camarero

    - Learn  = aprender

    - Own  = propio

    - Looking after  = cuidando

    - Off  = libre

    - Improve = mejorar

    - Also = también

    - Picking = recogiendo

    - Request  = solicitar

    - Still  = aun / todavia

    - Accommodation = alojamiento

    - Rent  (inglés Americano) = alquiler

    - While = mientras

    - Look for = buscar

    - Site  = lugar

    - To let  (inglés Británico)  = alquilar

    - Already  = ya







































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