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Soy bilingue en inglés y español y de vez en cuando me gusta compartir historias y cuentos en inglés .

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    If you want to be healthy, live a long time and be happy….eat garlic.

    GarlicGarlic has been in use for thousands of years.

    It was used by the Egyptians to flavor food and also used as a traditional medicine.

    China produces 80 percent of the garlic world supply.

    Spain is probably the biggest producer of garlic in Europe.

    The health benefits of garlic are numerous.

    Garlic is nature´s most potent immune body booster, a very powerful antibiotic, and it can also increase your libido. 

    Garlic can make you get better when you have a cold too.

    It acts as a natural medicine to lower high blood pressure by 10 percent and reduces the level of cholesterol.

    The best way is to eat fresh raw garlic.

    You cut a clove in half or in several pieces and swallow them when eating a yogurt, like taking a pill.

    This way you won´t have bad breath

    You can also eat the cloves with parsley to prevent the strong taste.

    It is generally recommended to take two garlic cloves early in the morning before having breakfast.

    If you can´t stand the strong taste of garlic, you can buy garlic capsules in natural food shops if you wish.

    Swallow the capsule when you´re eating a yogurt or drinking kefir.

    Garlic can reduce cardiological and atherosclerosis problems.

    Garlic contains powerful antioxidants which provides protection against cellular damage and thus can make you live longer.

    One of the major health benefits of garlic is that it helps to replenish the lost iron in the body.

    So, taking garlic provides relief from anemia because it produces the protein called ferroportin, which enhances the absorption of iron.

    Garlic contains Allicin. This sulfuric compound in garlic makes it a cancer-fighter.

    Cancer cells are damaged  due to dietary and environmental toxins, rampant inflammation, and an immune system in serious risk.

    Garlic will target these weak spots in your body giving you an added protection for your immune system.

    Allicin also has anti-bacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties, according to the University of Maryland.

    Allicin will make your blood cleaner too.

    Spaniards eat a lot of garlic. It is used in a lot of delicious recipes  such as stews.

    A lot of people also use garlic when they prepare Rice in the oven, Paellla and Gazpacho.


    People also like to eat toasted bread with natural tomato and fresh garlic.

    You can also mash garlic and add it to salads.

    Garlic is delcious and healthy.

    So, now we know why Spaniards are living longer!



    healthy  = sano

    garlic = ajo

    flavor = sabor

    also = tambien

    biggest  = mas grande

    health benefits  = beneficos saludables

    booster  = reforzador

    powerful  = potente

    get better  = mejorar

    cold  = resfriado

    best way  = mejor manera

    raw  = crudo

    clove  = diente

    like = como

    this way = de esta manera

    breath  = aliento

    parsely  = perejil

    taste = sabor

    early = pronto

    can´t stand  = no soportas

    wish  = deseas

    swallow = tragar

    provides = aporta

    damage = dañar

    thus = por tanto

    replenish = reponer

    so = así que

    relief  = alivio

    enhances = aumenta

    cancer-fighting  = luchador contra el cancer

    damaged due to  = dañado debido a

    rampant  = descontrolado

    risk  = riesgo

    target = enfocan

    weaker spots  = puntos debiles

    blood  = sangre

    cleaner  = mas limpio

    recipes such as  = recetas tal como

    stews = estofados

    mash  = machacar

    longer = mas tiempo


    Nina Simone canta " I´m feeling good"  = Me siento bien



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