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Soy bilingue en inglés y español y de vez en cuando me gusta compartir historias y cuentos en inglés .

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    Valencia Internacional

    Listen to your heart

    Sari was a very spiritual person.

    For a long time Sari had wished to go walking to the sacred city of Benares in India to bathe in the Ganges and be purified.

    Just before finally departing on his journey, he ran into the wise man of his village.

    “Why do you want to go there”? he asked Sari.

    “To be closer to God”, Sari answered.

    The wise man then said, “Give me all the money you have saved to go on this pilgrimage”.

    Sari was a little confused, but as he trusted the wise man, he gave him all his money.

    After a few days, the spiritual leader saw Sari in the street and told him:

    “I know you would have gone on this pilgrimage because of your faith in God, but I must tell you that you don´t need to purify yourself in the Ganges river.

    Take this canteen full of water and wash yourself with it”, the wise man said.

    After Sari cleansed himself with the water, the spiritual leader told Sari:

     Listen to your heart

    “You have achieved your purpose without the need of making such a long journey and spending all your money.

    Take your money and return home with the certainty that you have fullfilled your good intentions to God.

    I want you to know that God is always in the hearts of man.

    If you want to speak to God, all you have to do is seek God in your heart.



    For a long time  = durante mucho tiempo

    Wished  = deseaba

    Just  = justo

    Finally departing = por fin partiendo

    Ran into  = se encontró

    Wise  = sabio

    Closer  = mas cerca

    Answered  = contestó

    Saved  = ahorrado

    Pilgrimage  = peregrinaje

    Trusted  = confiaba

    Gave  = le dio

    After a few days  = despues de unos dias

    Would have gone = hubiera ido

    Faith = fé

    Must  = debo

    Canteen  = cantimplora

    Wash yourself = lavate

    Cleansed  =   purifico

    Achieved  = conseguió

    Such a long journey  = un viaje tan largo

    Spending = gastando

    Certainty  = certeza

    Fullfilled  = cumplido

    Hearts  = corazones

    Seek = busca

    Escucha a Roxette cantar "Listen to your heart"  = Escucha a tu corazon




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